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15 argumentative essay topics to write about

This is a fun type of college essay, and it can be used to home your logical and debate skills. The key to an argumentative essay is to present your topics in a logical order and create a clear, delineated line of reasoning to support your points. Given that, there are a variety of topics that you can choose from to write an effective essay, and a list of these follows

  • Consider Plato's Apology. Was Socrates correct in his defense? Does he actually display the wisdom that he is referring to or did he directly antagonize the Athenian Aristocracy?
  • Are sin taxes ethical? We used them for cigarettes and alcohol in the United States, and likely will use them for cannabis as well. Is this ethical? Should we put a sin tax on things such as fast food as well, or should we remove the ones we already have?
  • Is the ability of the NSA to spy on mass communications ethical, or even constitutional? Is there anything that can be done about this? At what point is a freedom and security tradeoff proper and good?
  • Foreign aid and charity are obviously good in that they alleviate harm worldwide, but to some extend does this contribute to the situation that those in need of aid find them in? Charity is fine, but are there ethical concerns when it perpetuates some unwanted outcomes?
  • Unemployment assistance is thought to be ethical and necessary because sometimes people are down on their luck between jobs. However, should there be limits on this practice, and what should there be?
  • Is cultural appropriate of native symbols acceptable, even with cultures that are no longer in use?
  • There are cases when there are experimental drugs that are not yet approved for humans, they are still going through testing, and yet they could save lives potentially. Is it ethical to do human trials on people who are close to death anyway? What are the ethics of this situation?
  • The Chinese school system stifles creativity but creates students who are more knowledgeable and technically competent then their Western Counterparts. Do you agree or disagree?
  • The Trolley problem is an old and famous example of a problem of ethics- what the proper way to solve it is.
  • Are women overly objectified in Western Culture? What about other cultures?
  • Should people with prosthetic limbs be allowed to compete in the Olympics?
  • There is some argument that different classes should or should not be taxed at the same rate. Are flat taxes, such as sales taxes, better, or should we focus on estate and graduated income taxes? Is a hybrid system better?
  • The current rise of technology is inhibiting our communication skills. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Do people have the right to be forgotten, as understood by the European Union in the current court cases they are fighting?
  • Who is a better super hero: Batman or Superman, and who has had the greater cultural impact?