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List Of Funny Argument Essay Topics You Should Consider

Life in this world need not to be constantly serious. There are a lot more reasons to laugh than to worry or frown over our problems and frustrations. It is said that there are more muscles that contract when we are angry, making it fast for us to look and grow old. When we smile, we get a good feeling that after all what we’ve been through, we are still alive and kicking.

To have a sigh of relief, let’s consider some of these hilarious topics for an argument essay:

  1. People who belong to the third sex must have separate a comfort room to respect their privacy.

  2. Placing both hands on the pocket should be illegal for people with no money.

  3. The word studying must not be used anymore because what’s the use of being educated when you just die?

  4. The job title of a therapist suggests something of sexual abuse and violence.

  5. Sneezing in public places should be prohibited to protect people from getting sick.

  6. The government should consider the planet Mars as an optional home for countries that are very populated.

  7. There should be no images of people in the money we use to promote equality and justice.

  8. Names of animals within a word just like “jaywalking” or “tiger look”, must not be included in the dictionary because it’s like treating humans as one of them.

  9. Everything in this world must be free to enjoy freedom.

  10. The idea of placing microchips in our body is actually from the banks and other lending institutions.

  11. If children are the hope of our country, then they should be trained and become a part of politics at an early age.

  12. Women with red lipsticks are secret home wreckers.

  13. It is illegal for people with LBM to travel to long destinations.

  14. Long coffee breaks affect performance and productivity.

  15. People with blue collar jobs should wear black to protect them from discrimination.

  16. Countries donating their used clothes should be rewarded for sympathizing with humanity.

  17. Public nudity is never an alarm and scandal but a misunderstood or misinterpreted form of ancient art.

  18. Restaurant and other business establishment owners using tissue paper should survive a reality show of standing like a tree in the middle of a jungle.

  19. Pushing a vehicle with medicines inside should be considered drug pushing.

  20. Walt Disney should be sued for obstruction of sex education because of using subliminal messages in their animated movies.

Other topics in this list may sound lame or unnatural, but they really make sense depending on how you understand it. You might be surprised that writing an essay about anything down the list may make you a superstar.


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