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A Manual On Writing An Essay About Friendship And Real Friends

Writing an essay on friendship and real friends can be a happy endeavor or one wrought with painful memories. You can take your experiences and use them to help you write a deep and meaningful paper. Still writing about friendship, while definitely can be written from a first person perspective, does not need to be overly personal or emotional.

  • Explore what being a friend means to you. Is it about hanging out at the mall together? Sharing and keeping each other’s secrets? Whatever friendship is about to you, write this in your outline for your first few paragraphs.

  • Think about what makes a best friend. How is a best friend different from other kinds of friends?

  • What equates a “real” friend to you? Everyone has a different version of this. Perhaps it is someone who doesn’t betray you and is always there when you need them most. A real friend may be the one who calls on you first, rather than last. This may not be someone you are particularly close to, but it is someone you are always there and who truly cares.

  • You can explore what it means to be a real friend to someone else. After all, friendship goes both ways, doesn’t it? What do you think would make a person be a better or “real” friend to someone else?

  • You can provide examples from your own life, or from the life of someone you know. This will make for a very personal paper, which may be difficult to write and share with your instructor, but can also be very freeing. Alternatively, you can write with examples from popular fiction and movies. Going this route makes it easier for your readers to relate to the topic because they may already be familiar with the stories you describe.

  • You can choose any tone you want to take in this essay, whether happy or sad. You can describe how friendship and having real friends doesn’t really exist if that is your opinion. The good thing about this topic is that it is very versatile - you can tailor it however you want, and give your reader unique insight into your mind and worldview.

Essays about friendship are abundant online. You can use these to brainstorm what exactly you want to talk about, and to find out how other people have written this kind of paper. While being a very personal topic, you can choose to write it impersonally but be sure to make it a meaningful essay for your reader.