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Differences of Generations

It may be difficult to believe that there might be many differences between a previous generation and the current, but it is so. What are these differences? Are the changes for the better?

In the generation of our parents there were significant differences that set them apart from us. In the previous generation there were more schools that were strictly all boys or all girls. Manners were important; the deference made to the elder by the younger was significant. There was less of a dependence on technology, personal skills being more valued than how fast you could use a computer. Clothing is also something that has changed, before there was a clear social line on what was appropriate and what was not.

The making of schools co-ed has been one of the failures in this generation’s education. The constant throwing of young men and women together, especially during their rough teenage years, has led to nothing but a lot of infractions and confusion on how they should be acting. This day’s generation seems to have no idea how to behave, the rules of etiquette and common decency are seriously lacking. The elder are treated with contempt, our generation is rebellious, not wanting to follow the rules but what we want to do instead. Today we are very dependent on technology, every year brings something faster and supposedly better than the older model. Many of the previous generation have expressed their doubts if any of us can survive without technology, as we must constantly carry some device around with us wherever we go. Today we walk down the main street of town in our pajamas or dress in depressing colors with chains and way too much makeup or piercings. We look lost, as if we do not know what to do with ourselves and so we latch onto the newest thing in order to derive some entertainment or meaning.

Therefore, this generation is not up to par with the previous generation. That is not to say that our parents’ generation was without fault, but we have done little to rectify those mistakes. This current generation has pushed for faster things, not having the patience to wait but always on the move. Our chances in surviving without technology are very slim, because few will actually bother to learn something when they can just look it up. The current generation needs to find their purpose, or they will wander from shiny toy to shiny toy without really living.


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