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What is a question essay and how to write it properly?

What is a question essay?

A question essay is basically an examination question, which requires giving an answer either in a paragraph, a short composition and also sometimes just in a single sentence. It has become one of the essential parts of the examination in the schools today. It is a challenge thrown at the students by the schools, and the students need to answer it in an organized way. First, the students need to assess the purpose of the question essay by giving (i) factual recall, (ii) analysis and the explanation of relationships between the entities, (iii) synthesis of the question essay and application of the previously learned principles and (iv) your opinion to conclude the essay. The students should also assess that how much information should be included, repetition and restating the information. Further, the students are also responsible to check whether they need to give an introduction and any other relevant details.

Step by step information for answering the question essay:

Following are the basic steps, which all the students should consider in answering to a question essay:

  1. Thoroughly read the question essay. Ideally, it should be read at least 3-4 times until the student gets a good knowledge about the question.
  2. The students then should encircle the main verb, which is the action or the imperative verb in the question.
  3. Decide on the relevant rhetorical strategy to answer the question.
  4. Ensure that what type of answer is demanded from the question. Should it be a diagram, a summary, analysis or an evaluation?
  5. Encircle all the relevant keywords in the question essay given.
  6. Before writing the answer, you should decide whether you will answer the question into a single paragraph or multiple.
  7. Write a very concise outline of all the key points that you want to mention in your answer.
  8. If you chose for a single paragraph answer, then restate the question and answer it appropriately using the main topic sentence. In case, you are going for a multiple paragraph answer, then your approach should be to give the answer in a thesis statement.
  9. General rules of academic writing should be critically followed, including the rule of indentation, beginning paragraph with topic sentence, and writing a conclusion etc.
  10. Thoroughly check your answer for punctuations and grammatical errors.