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20 Topics for an Argument Essay That Students Usually Use

An argument essay is one of the most popular types of scholarly writing in which the writer investigates an issue, takes a stand on it, and persuades the reader to take it as well. It seems quite complicated at first, but once you get down to brass tacks, you will see that it is something you do every day. It happens when you try to persuade your friends to watch a certain movie, ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to forgive you, or convince your parents to let you drive their car. The only difference is that argument essays are not so emotional but rather formal. A good strategy to write a high-quality argument essay is to think about it not as a piece of writing, but as a conversation with an opponent. Once you realize this, you are ready to begin doing the task by choosing the topic for it.

A promising argument essay topic should be:

  • Debatable:
  • The writer should be able to give for and against arguments.

  • Manageable:
  • The arguments should not require profound laboratory research.

  • Exciting:
  • The topic should be within the sphere of the writer’s interests.

These requirements have been implemented in the following list of argument essay topics:

  1. Should cheating on exams be punished by re-examination?
  2. Should plagiarizing from the Internet be punished by expulsion from school?
  3. Should parents choose the type of school for their children?
  4. Should certain religions be taught at schools to children of other denominations?
  5. Should high school students be tested for drugs on a regular basis?
  6. Is PE necessary at every stage of school education?
  7. Should Photoshop be used for editing photos in yearbooks?
  8. Should web filters be installed on computers of high school students?
  9. Can online essay samples ensure good grades?
  10. Is writing a crib sheet a good way to revise before exams?
  11. Should girls be allowed to wear make-up and jewelry at school?
  12. Should girls and boys have different curricula?
  13. Are cheerleaders’ costumes too revealing and provoking?
  14. Should sex education be an obligatory part of the school curriculum?
  15. Can mobile apps be used by teachers as visual aids during classes?
  16. Should parents influence their children’s career choices?
  17. Does automatic spell check worsen spelling skills?
  18. Do reality shows promote antisocial types of behaviors?
  19. Should underage students use social networks under parental control?
  20. Should students be allowed to work as volunteers in hospitals?