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How Do You Compose A Persuasive Essay About Friendship?

Are you on mission to compose an essay about friendship, but have no clue what can be done in order to achieve your potential grade in this project? There are a variety of great approaches that can be utilized if you are interested in getting this right. Furthermore, when you have used the best approach out there, then the fun factor in getting this project completed will be highly increased. So here are the hints and tips that you have to keep in mind when considering to complete a persuasive essay about friendship:

Consider writing about your own friendship

For the project to be a success you have to consider the different friendship that you have had in your life and write on those. This will give the project a unique perspective that will be interesting to the examiner. You can add all sorts of personal touches and personality in your project that would otherwise be missing form such a piece.


Try to find a friendship story in the media and bring it to life in your piece of work. You’ll see that there are some interesting stories out there and writing some content about them is a great idea. For stories visit blogs, news websites and even read a few magazine type websites. Eventually you’ll find a story that you’d like to feature in your essay.

Titles to consider

Here are a few titles that you should consider for your friendship piece:

  • Friendship is the most important thing in life

  • A person is defined by the type of friendship that they have in life

  • A good quality friendship can help avoid depression

  • A friendship is more valuable than having a lot of money

  • The best friendships are based on trust and respect

  • What are the top values that a good quality friendship must be based on?

  • What are the top advantages of having a good quality friendship?

  • How can a person be made to feel happier when they have a great friendship?

  • What are the leading causes of friendship ending?

  • Explore the different ways that technology has had on friendship

  • What can be done to improve a friendship that is going downhill?