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10 boring argumentative essay topics to avoid

Argumentative essays are very often prescribed to budding writers. The layout is a great way to practice presenting two opposing points in a way that fairly explains both of them which is a skill many writers do not innately possess. Unfortunately, in the choosing of topics, many writers play it safe to the point that they bore their readers to tears. Here are just a few topics that you should avoid.

Are Montessori schools superior to traditional preschools?

The school system has many fascinating aspects that can be delved into with gusto but this is not one of them. Look into performance within these systems rather than between them.

Does the Dewey decimal system require an overhaul in favor of a more organic one?

To a voracious reader, there are few places more exciting than a library but even the most rabid bibliophile may find cataloging systems boring.

Can Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” be successfully adapted for an elementary school audience?

“Atlas Shrugged” was a long and tedious novel and unless you are completely without choice, avoid topics that involve this book.

Can self imposed solitude improve social skills?

Solitude is so distasteful to most people that it is used as a punishment. This topic is therefore a very hard sell to most.

Would the world have been better under President Al Gore?

While he makes a great environmental advocate, Al Gore was a notoriously boring politician and this essay will suffer for it.

Can healthy eating and exercise combat obesity?

Most cases of obesity could be cured with the right combination of those two things but this is common knowledge so this essay adds nothing to your reader.

Does the use of compost machines impact the environment?

Most people go their entire lives without thinking about the value of compost. They will not start on account of your essay.

How should household chores be divided?

Most people do not enjoy chores and do not care enough about their allocation to read an entire essay on it.

Does birth order affect personality?

Birth order has been seen to affect certain traits but those results are mild and make for rather boring reading.

Was the wheel the better invention or the typewriter?

The wheel was important. The typewriter was important. Unfortunately so many other important inventions have followed them that we no longer truly care.

On the bright side, many other far more interesting topics exist that you can cover successfully.


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