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Essay topic suggestions: developing the brainstorming technique

When writing an essay everything starts with finding the right topic. You cant just use any topic. It has to be something that you will be good at writing about and that you show an interest in. the best essays are written by students interested in their topics. But how does one find that just right topic to write about? What does it take to find it? There are several places to try that are obvious yet effective. Try these things and you should have a new brainstorming ritual down in no time at all.

  • Talk with your teacher
  • Talk with a group of friends
  • Search the net

Teacher knows best!

Talk to your teacher in that class. Ask him, or her, what it is that they are looking for. The better you know what they want out of the essay the better a topic you could choose. Also, ask them for some topic suggestions and write them down in a list. Teachers know the subjects best so why not use that to your own advantage and get some premium advice.

The bigger the better!

Get as many friends as you can who all have the same essay due together in one place. Everyone should just start throwing out ideas and you write down what everyone says. The ideas that you come up with may not be right for you but someone else might come up with an idea that is perfect for you yet would not work for them. This is a way to all help each other.

The internet is your friend!

The internet is basically a giant library with all of the knowledge you could possibly want at your fingertips. If you search for topics on the subject you have to write an essay for you would be surprised how many lists show up out of nowhere. They can give you a lot of great ideas.

Once you do all of this you will have a huge list of topics. Just cross off any that you don’t like, that you can’t write about or that you have no interest in and pick one of the ones left. This can easily become your brainstorming ritual and it works really well to help you with your essay in just one days worth of work. After a few hours you’ll have the perfect topic and whatever you don’t use you can try next time.