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Ideas For Writing A Great Literary Analysis Essay

Students who are given an assignment to complete a literary analysis essay must get beyond the idea that reading is a chore. The entire purpose of this kind of essay is to analyze literary work that is of interest to the student. This infact helps the student come up with great ideas for their essay without having to be weighed down with workload they cannot handle.

However, in order to write a great literary analysis essay, here are some ideas both on topics and the process behind it that will impress even the professor.

Classic Literature

There are some books that are very controversial for their subject matter and to this day they have a great impact. These are good books to go to for literary analysis because they are compelling and they make the student think hard about what they’ve read.

Some of these books are required reading by some teachers and have to be because they’re not necessarily promoted by anyone else in the schools. If the classroom is open to these kinds of works, there is plenty for the student to go through and with some guidance can select a favorite. Some ideas that come from these books are:

  • What Significance Does The Book Uncle Tom Have In Modern Society?
  • Why Has The Catcher In the Rye Created So Many Devoted Followers?
  • The Social Stigma Of The Scarlet Letter

And those are good starts to help form more ideas in the direction of a great essay.

Challenging Reading?

The idea is not to have to read something that is out of the level of the student. The idea is to create a challenging idea from what they’ve read and it can be simple reading.

A lot of times the language of the literary work is more challenging than the work itself and needs a kind of translator for the student to get through it. But, if this is the case and the student needs to cut through on their time with the work, they can simply skip the language and read it at their own pace. Sometimes getting over that obstacle is enough to get to the understanding of what is being read. Otherwise, the student should simply move onto something else.

Research Notes

Another idea to make the literary analysis better is to take notes on everything that has to do with the subject matter and the book. This ensures that the student is keeping track of new thoughts and never losing track of where they could take their essay.

This means that when the book isn’t around, the student is still keeping track when they’re doing something else. Also, many students see others study as meaning that the book is open in front of them as they take notes. This is not always the way students study because for those who are not trained that way might end up copying text without much thought around what they're writing. The student could read it and take their notes later.

Getting The Most Out Of Literature

Many former students have sometimes reflected on a period in their lives when they’ve gone through those trials and tribulations of writing a literary analysis essay. In fact, they’ve sometimes revisited the work itself and found it to be easier to understand or just as moving if not more than before. Getting the most of the literature right from the get go is the best way to get that understanding early and foresee a great essay.


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