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Do I need a sample to write my own essay?

When you are writing an essay for school you do not need a sample to start. You can use a sample if it is provided or find one online to help guide your writing process but you do not have to use one in order to write a great essay. If you are comfortable with your arguments you can use a sample essay just to see how the paper should be structured or how your sources should be cited.

How to Keep Going

If you are writing an essay, you might struggle with doing so in a consistent manner. Below are some tips for how to keep going when you are writing an essay:

  • Leave your work in a place where you can still reach it and see it. Remember the adage, out of sight, out of mind. But, if you leave the book you have to read in order to finish your essay on your desk, chances are higher that you will actually finish it whenever you have a spare moment. Similarly, if you need to edit your introduction, you should leave it up on your screen so that you don’t have to go searching through the forest that is the files on your computer to find it. You will find that if you leave the things you need to do open on your computer or sitting on your desk, you will be much more inclined to see them when you first sit down and immediately start working, rather than sitting down and perusing the web until something reminds you that you still have to edit.
  • If you start to feel disorganized, take a moment to clean the workspace. Clean your desk and organize your notes. It will go a long way toward getting your mind back on the working track. But be careful not to let the ritual of cleaning the office become your number one procrastination choice.
  • When you are writing, it is important not to hesitate when it comes to writing things in the “wrong order”. If you want to start with a middle part of your essay, so be it. If you want to start with your body and end with the introduction, that is fine too. Everyone works best in a different way and you should not allow your creativity or productivity to be thwarted by a feeling of “breaking the rules”.