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What Are The Key Points To Writing An Argumentative Essay?

Writing an argumentative essay, at the outset, appears quite an easy task compared to the other labors in a student’s life. However, most students deal with it superficially; just expressing the outline and taking a half-hearted approach. This defeats the pure conscience, merit and potential of an argumentative essay.

The key points of an argumentative essay are what make it stand out of the crowd. Here is an enlistment of the vital points –

It should strike an instant rapport with the readers – This necessitates that the topic should be relevant to today’s times, so that the readers get naturally inclined to read it. This also means usage of a flowing writing style which conveys the points in a seamless way.

It should actually be a worthy argument – There is no logic in discussing a topic which is either in the form of a maxim or a directive principle or is too vague a premise. ‘Should teachers scold students’ does not cut the cake as students require occasional chiding, if not corporal punishment to be on track.

Both sides should be well expressed – Logic of an argumentative essay or debated is that both the sides should get equal opportunity and space to establish themselves. Simply ruling one side out does not do justice to the premise.

Emphasize the crucial and proactive points – You should assert the dynamic segments of the sides; not merely the theoretical zones. When things take a practical approach, people feel it easier to identify. Delve into the subject and find out the proactive areas of the discussion.

Express clearly and logically – You have to favor one side as opposed to other. You should state clearly your logics behind supporting the motion or the adverse. You should also place logics behind your choice so that readers can assess the veracity of your opinions.

It should offer solutions – While discussing or arguing a relevant topic, you should come forward with solutions which may rephrase and energize the system or pattern suggested in the essay topic. Say, you are arguing the merits of ‘Cloud Computing’. You should assert viable ways of instilling the Green Initiative.

It should have a firm conclusion – Your essay should finish in a resolute way so that the whole piece appears resonant, complete and compact. Ending the essay with suppositions and assumptions won’t go well with the readers. Go through the paper yourself and analyze whether you are satisfied with it. If not, then there is definite scope for improvement.


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