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Writing Hints: How To Start A Profile Essay On A Person

The most important part of writing a profile essay on a person is the beginning and how you start it. If you don’t master this section, most people will not benefit from reading your paper. Here are some great writing hints to ensure that you are writing a successful paper.

Catchy Phrase:

You need to start off every paper that you write even if it is about paper clips with a catchy phrase or sentence. It is a great way to draw your reader in and get them to want to continue reading. You have one chance and usually only a few sentences to draw them in. If your teacher is reading it, then it really won’t be that big of a loss if you don’t get her attention because she is going to read it front to back anyways. However, your grade will significantly suffer if your paper is a big boring mess.

Your teacher has to read through a paper for every member in your class. She is going to grade every other paper in comparison to the one that she graded first. AND… if you are the one that she graded first, she is likely to grade it lower if it isn’t amazing because she figures that there has to be better papers than this. I know that this is slightly not as bad as it used to be since teachers now use a rubric system so they can’t flunk you for failing to properly introduce the topic.

Background Info:

The next important thing that you will have to do is to make sure that you let your reader know who you are writing the paper about. Even though you may love and adore your subject, your teacher may have no clue who she is. If you don’t take the time to let her know, the entire paper is really a waste because she will be sitting there trying to figure out who you are talking about instead of reading your content. Then once she gets to the end and she is lost, she will likely give you a bad or lower grade because she got lost and that is never good when you are writing an essay. Plus, it is a really good starting point. You usually introduce any subject in the introduction for any essay that you write so why stop now.