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The most interesting cause/effect essay topics for 6th graders

Cause and effect essays show a correlation between two events in which one causes the other. This relationship occurs when one event is responsible for making another event occur. There are times when one event can cause a multitude of other events or a series of events. There are also times when multiple events cause one event. Whichever case you want to use is fine as long as you show how the event or events caused the other event or events.

Most of us are initially taught about this type of essay in sixth grade. We are then asked to write a paper proving how one event caused another. There are many different topics that you can choose to write about. It can be as simple as a childhood accident or as complex as global warming.

To understand the concept of cause and effect essays, here is a simple example.

Cause: When I was little, I was running along a rusty old trailer bed at my grandmother’s house.

Effect: I tripped and ended up slamming my head on the rusty metal and cutting my head open. I had to get stitches in my forehead.

In this simple example, you can see how my actions of running on a rusty trailer bed led to me getting stitches in my forehead. You can use this example to come up with some cause and effect topic ideas for your paper.

Some ways to come up with great ideas is to use a Chain of Events Diagram that shows five boxes and you have to write how one event lead to others in a sequence. You can also use a Venn Diagram which will be used to show how two events that don’t seem to be linked really are. A third great way to find a great topic is by using the Problem and Solution Diagram. This lists a problem and the many solutions that could be used to solve the problem.

You can use a library resource to start to find articles that show a cause and effect relationship between two events. Some keywords to look out for are because, until, since, as a result, and before and after. These keywords or phrases are used to indicate how one thing caused another.

Here are a few interesting topics to get your mind rolling:

Problems that cities cause

Effect of the internet on business

Effect of technology on America

Effects of weather on mood

Effects of skipping breakfast before school

Effects of divorce on children

Causes of sibling rivalry

Effect of being a twin

All of these topics and many more can be effective cause and effect topics. The ideas is to ensure that you can clearly prove that one action caused another action. It should describe a direct correlation.