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10 great process analysis essay topics

What is a process analysis essay?

A process analysis essay is an essay, which usually starts with a “how to”. It deals with situational analysis or basic things in life like “how to cook meal without salt” or “how to react when you see a fight in the market”. You have to pick up a situation, analyze it, and then propose ways to deal with it (or tackle with it if it is a problem).

Such essays usually test your mental responsiveness and patterns of thinking in certain pre defined situations and environments. In addition, if you give one process analysis topic to half a dozen people, each person would write it differently and deliver differently. Such essays do not restrict your creativity and provide you with a lot of room to play with ideas and imagination.

Always start such essays with an outline. Highlight the main problem; visualize a scenario (or number of scenarios depending on the topic you choose), jot down some random alternative ways you would tackle or handle that situation or problem. Always mention your limitations or possible setbacks that you may encounter during that situation. If it requires tools or techniques, elaborate. Try to give unique and original analysis and play with ideas. Think out of the box. Selecting a unique topic is the where you can win the entire game. Go for non-traditional topics that involve unusual situations. Always check the internet to see if there are available articles on those topics. Try to experiment with different writing styles. It is okay to be funny, or to tell a short story somewhere in between.

10 Topics for process analysis essay

Therefore, here is a list of 10 unique process analysis essay topics that might be helpful for you.

  1. How to survive in a zombie apocalypse?
  2. How to remember what you did last night when you were drunk?
  3. How to learn poker in 15 minutes?
  4. How to plan a fun-filled, low budget weekend with your girls?
  5. How to travel safely in public transport?
  6. How to take good selfish without an editing software?
  7. How to plan your weekly laundry in college?
  8. How to give a biased political opinion without offending the public?
  9. How to back stab people with minimum damage?
  10. How to make the best of your time when home alone for the weekend?