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A List Of Exciting Persuasion Essay Topics You Wouldn't Think Of

Anyone who has written essays frequently will be able to tell you that certain aspects of the process are repetitive and dull. This does not have to happen but it tends to because people get accustomed to writing the same essays in the same ways that they always have. You can do better than that. Here are some things you can do to pick better topics:

  • Look for ideas in newspapers or regular news blogs
  • Think up something a little unconventional that might raise some eyebrows
  • Talk it over with people that are also familiar with your field
  • Ask someone outside of your field if they can add a new perspective to your topic search

By doing this you will get a more interesting topic. The following are some of the types of ideas you might come up with:

  1. Should women have to explain why males in their lives have been ‘friend-zoned’?
  2. Are Trans fats more harmful to health than the majority of illegal drugs?
  3. Should smaller apartment and home sized be mandatory to save the environment?
  4. Can world peace be attained through persistent adherence to any religion?
  5. Should toddlers be encouraged to participate in pageants?
  6. Do violent sex offenders forfeit the right to have genitals?
  7. Should clothing be legally required for interacting with the public?
  8. Is music a viable alternative to traditional psychoanalysis and therapy?
  9. Does old age render a person less capable in the workplace?
  10. Does the inability to use one sense really make other senses stronger?
  11. Are teenagers actually more moody than people of other ages or are they unfairly maligned?
  12. Is classical music definitively better than music of other genres from other places?
  13. Should artists be made to explain the high costs of abstract but simple paintings they produce?
  14. Can brainwashing ever be considered the moral choice to inflict on someone?
  15. Can self-esteem be significantly improved by engaging in body modification?

No two topics are identical. They are all good in their own ways but the ideas are meant to become persuasive essays. This means that to decide which one is best for you, you must know what you can persuade a reader of. If you actually believe something, you are already hallway toward making someone else believe it and that is at the heart of this style of writing.