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Drug abuse is the situation where an individual uses a certain drugs either in excess or less.  The excess use of drugs cause harm to the body of an individual. Generally teen drug abuse is where young men and women are being involved in consumption of drugs that are being prohibited by the government, or they may use drug for wrong purpose.

Most of the youth   experiment using illicit drugs. According to the statistics by national health center, M youth are involved in this situation because of some reasons such as peer group influence, ignorance, unemployment and for leisure. First, due to unemployment situation in the country, young men and women are so idle. Most of them think that by taking either alcohol or marijuana will make them to be stress free. This has been and is being witnessed in the most of the regions in the country.

Second, most of the youth get involved in this situation due to the peer group influence. They do lack one who can advise them on the effects of these groups. They are actually forced take such drugs and this normally happen when they are at adolescent stage.

Additionally, due to ignorance, most of the youth find them using a particular drug without knowing its specific uses. It has been witnessed that some of the teenagers say they got involved in involved in taking certain drugs because, they thought, by so doing it will make the stress free.

By so doing, they end up changing their characters and also their life styles. Examples of these drugs are marijuana and alcohol. Constants use of these drug causes harmful impacts on the youth. Most of the youth die in the country because; they got certain disease, which resulted from taking particular drugs. For example use of alcohol and cigarettes is very harmful to the teenagers. They is increase in the level of the school drop out. Constant use of drugs makes an individual to stop thinking about education. They normally prefer not to school and get involved in the selling of such drugs.

Generally, the governmental and non- governmental institutions should create more jobs to the youth. This will make them not to think about such drugs as most of the time they will busy working.  It will be also better if the health sectors in the country educate most of the youth either through media or any form of communication.


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