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Recommendations On How To Perfect Your Essay Writing Skills

There are several basic things you can do to improve your essay writing skills. I am sorry to say that the best way to get better at essay writing is to write more essays. The more experience you get at writing, the better you will get. Here are some other suggestions to perfect your essay writing skills.

  • Don’t rush – Make sure you leave enough time to complete your essay. Your professor has read enough essays that he will be able to tell if you have just thrown your essay together at the last minute. Procrastination is the worst thing to do when you have an essay deadline. Start your essay as soon as you get the assignment and create some kind of timetable so you can focus on the essay and not on the time that it needs to be done.

  • Get an idea of what you want to write in your head first. It is important to plan out your course of action for your essay in your head first. You need to do this so you can even decide on what your topic is. Sometimes you even have to work backwards in your head to figure out what your thesis statement is.

  • Use note cards- Whether you like it or not you must use note cards so you can organize them into sound thoughts easily. Using pieces of paper is good but you will put smaller ideas on index cards that are easier to organize than on large pieces of paper. Once you have note cards, try to group them into similar groups. These groups will undoubtedly be your paragraphs once you get going.

  • Draw and outline or table- No matter what you call it or what format you use, create something in writing that is like a map of where your essay is going. Start with your topic sentence, then give your main points (at least three), then your conclusion. Once you have this outline completed accurately, all the hard work is completed.

  • Write each paragraph separately so you keep organized. Each paragraph should be one idea and keep it that way.

  • Put the paragraphs together and write your rough draft. Let someone read your rough draft to give advice and make changes.

  • Create your final draft.

If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to write a great essay. If you want more information on essay writing or other services you can go here, (input your website here) and have all of your questions answered. Remember, practice makes perfect.