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Finding a Tutor That Would Write Essays for Me

The Internet has made it so much easier for us to find goods and services that we need with a simple Google search.  You can get reviews, complaints, and other information on anything before you decide to buy.  A new market that is taking hold of the Internet, that is tutors and writing services.  The increase in people going back to school is on the rise, and some of them need to find services that will write their paper or tutors that might be able to help them write their essay on their own.

These can be found with a Google search, but you have to be careful on what sites you choose.  The best way to find good sites to use is by opening another tab and searching for reviews or complaints on the service you are thinking of using.  This will most likely bring up all you need to know about the site but if that doesn’t bring results, check out the Better Business Bureau to see if they are registered there and review the company.

Since there are not tutors that will write your essay for you, at least I couldn’t find any.  I will give you a list of tutoring sites and writing services sites to help you write your essay.


  • Tutor Dot Com:  This site is a one-stop shop for tutors for every subject that you could think of, including essay writing.  The will get you a tutor that will help you write and edit your essay, so it is perfect.
  •  WyzAnt Tutoring:  This site shows you tutors in your area that can come to you and help you with writing your essay.  The show the tutors credentials and how much they charge an hour, so you can make the right choice.

Writing Services

  • Essays Master:  If you are looking for a place that will write you essay in a timely fashion and does all levels of essays, this is a good site.  The reviews are great, and they seem to have the most satisfied customers.
  • Hire A Freelance Writer:  I know using those other sites online that offer essay writing is tempting, but if you hire a freelance writer, it will probably be cheaper and you will receive better work from them.  This will also lower the chance of your essay being of poor work or plagiarized.