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Learn how to write an amazing persuasive essay by following this guide

There is a right way or a knack for writing a great persuasive essay. Remember what it's all about. You, the writer, have to persuade the reader, probably your teacher or professor, that your point of view is good. But your point of view is sound and believable. Now that is easier said than done. So how do you do it? How do you come up with an amazing persuasive essay?

There are three key ingredients to getting the writing of the persuasive essay spot on

  • Plenty of relevant research.
  • Knowing the bias and opinion people have about this topic.
  • Being able to see both sides of the argument.

The choice of topic is obviously important. If you can choose a topic which has a contemporary feel and is therefore in the news, you will find access to relevant research material relatively easy. You need to study the relevant research material. You need to get information which becomes ammunition in your fight to prove your point. It's got to be the right sort of information, both relevant and powerful.

You need to examine the topic of your persuasive essay and list the opinions that people have regarding this topic. Are people biased towards a certain point of view? Do they have opinions which vary greatly from your own? If you know how people are thinking about the topic of your persuasive essay, you are in a better position to build the case for your point of view. The most powerful weapon you can have is to learn the thinking of the reader of your essay. Knowing his or her point of view will enable you to pitch your argument to their ideas and thus get yourself a healthy report and score.

One of the greatest tools at your disposal is the ability to not just see both sides of the argument, but to be able to shoot down the opposing point of view to the one you believe in. This really helps the reader be persuaded. They read the case that you are making for your position and may be swayed. But the killer punch, the knockout punch is when you are able to refute the opposing argument. This puts you totally in control of the discussion. Your persuasive essay will then convince the reader that you have made your case and made it well.