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Positive Effects of Exercise on the Crucial Systems of the Human Body


Historically, there has not always been an accent on exercise, mainly because our grandparents and great grandparents did not have all the labour saving devices in their homes that we have today. If you think back to the Victorian times, Monday was always a laundry day all by hand; when it came to cleaning the house there were no labour saving devices such as vacuum cleaners etc., everything required manual labour of some sort. In today’s society, the majority of people work at a desk, and may have long commutes to work, which can all take a toll on the body and mind. People find that they are too busy to exercise.


Exercise can have very positive effect on the crucial systems of the human body, in particular the brain, heart and lymphatic system.

The Brain benefits not just by physical exercise but also by mental exercises. After an exercise class, 30 minutes in the gym or 20 lengths of the swimming pool, its amazing how revitalized you can feel and how clear your mind is and how you are better placed to solve work issues. The brain also needs mental exercises, usually in the form of puzzles that are progressively challenging.

The Heart and blood vessels also do well during and after exercise. A good cardiac workout will involve raising the heart rate, which improves circulation and in turn over time with a healthy diet will reduce blood pressure, which in turn will help reduce stress levels and help you cope better with day to day stressors.

The lymphatic system also benefits as exercise increases circulation throughout the body, it means that toxins are released from the lymphatic system and pass out of the body. It helps if you drink water during exercise and do not become dehydrated.

There are a few issues that can have a downward side to taking exercise. If you don’t pace yourself, you can start your exercise regimen too enthusiastically and end up over exercising, and get so exhausted that you don’t do the activity any more. Some exercises can be boring, so it may be an idea to go to have a gym buddy. And in today’s society on of the biggest arguments to not exercise is that it takes up too much time.


Exercise should be seen as an investment in your health, it has a very positive impact on ageing and brain function. Today there are a lot more interesting ways to exercise, there are classes in Tai chi, spinning and aqua-aerobics to name a few. You don’t just have to do mindless lengths in the pool to support your health.