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A Helpful Tutorial on How to Write an Essay

Essay writing is an important skill you need to learn to succeed at any level of education you’re receiving, be it primary or high school, graduate or postgraduate degrees. If you know how to write a good essay and you can comfortably plan out and write your essay without problems, then you’re good to go. This tutorial is for those who have problems writing good essays and sometimes get lost on the way. Here are some key points you should know when writing your essay:


Many times, you will be writing your essay not knowing what the teacher is looking for. The key to this is in the question that is asked. Highlight the key words and ONLY ANSWER WHAT IS REQUIRED OF YOU. Do not indulge in parts that would not get you any marks. Stick to the task. The teacher is basically looking for your understanding of the question and your ability to answer it. Make sure you clearly show him or her you are capable of both.


If you are able to demonstrate your ability to think critically to your professor/teacher, you will get higher marks for your essay. This involves questioning of the assumptions you make as well as the ones you read or hear. It is important to clarify all assumptions and state them clearly in order to get good grades.


If you’re writing an essay on one or more passages, you should consider taking notes on the margins so you remember the key points. This will save a lot of time and effort of reading the long passages more than once.


Analyse the question you are being asked thoroughly; decide on the position you are taking and stick to it and plan your response before you begin writing. This is the last and essential form of planning before you dive into actually writing your essay. Once this is done well, your essay is well and truly on the verge of completion.


Your professor/teacher would expect you to cite your sources. It is good practice to acknowledge the ideas of others when you use them as part of your essay. You may be penalized if you don’t reference at all so make sure you learn the style, which your lecturer requires you to use for referencing purposes.

In order to end up with good grades, make sure you practice these tips over and over again. When it comes down to writing the actual essay, you will find it very easy to do.