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What is a Good Persuasive Essay Topic: Helpful Suggestions

A persuasive essay is one where you have to persuade the reader that your idea is better than the one already in place or to try to provide one thing is better than the other.  There are thousands of topics that you can choose from but how do you choose the one that is right for you and your essay.


How to Choose

  • The first question you should ask yourself before beginning to choose you topic, is do I believe in this topic?  Choosing a topic that you believe in will come across in your writing and make a better essay.
  • Will the reader believe that my idea is better or will they keep their own opinion?   You want to leave the reader with something to think about at the end of you essay, like, “they have a good point,” and, “I never thought of that before.”  The key to any persuasive essay is to have the reader thinking long after they have read your work.


  • One good topic you can do you essay on is, whether or not high school students should be required to take parenting classes or other classes that they will need later in life.  This essay could talk about how students don’t learn things in school that will help them out into adulthood.
  • Should cell phones not be used while driving?  This could lead to statistics and other facts about the dangers of driving while using your cell phone.
  • Are schools doing enough about bullying?  With the recent documentary on the subject, this issue has gotten more spotlights on it.  Also, bullying is a problem and sometimes the schools do little or nothing about it.
  • Will raising the price of cigarettes discourage smoking and make smokers quit?  The tobacco industry is getting bigger every day and killing people every day.  This topic could be an eye opener to the reader and maybe even detour them from smoking or even quit, if you put the right information in it.
  • Should college textbooks be free?  Students spend thousands of dollar on textbooks every year and sometimes they class doesn’t even use them.  Do you think if they are free that school will crack down on getting books that aren’t needed?
  • Should schools be year round?  You can argue for or against this topic but make sure you have all the information to back up your claim and that it doesn’t sound un-researched.