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The Rise Of Divorces In Society

Modern society has seen a drastic rise in divorces and that rise continues to grow with great enthusiasm. The increase in divorces in modern society is in part due to the secularization of society and in part due to economic necessity.

Historically people with a deep religious tie felt it absolutely necessary to marry. Religion not only encouraged marriage but did not allow divorce. Even today some faiths do not allow you to re-marry in their church if you have ever been divorced. But as modern society becomes more secularized and accepting of all faiths and no faith at all there is no religious tie keeping people from divorcing when things no longer work. There is no longer the threat of hell or the risk of being ostracized by friends and family which makes it easier for many people to divorce.

Economically women had to marry a man with great wealth and would be forced to stay married to him no matter what because of economic need. They were unable to work or earn wages on their own. The only way a woman without a husband could make any moderate means of living was if she had a home or property that she could use as a boarding house. Aside from that women lived with their parents until a man proposed at which point they would assume the responsibilities of the house and become a wife. Today the need to remain with a man so that you are not turned out on the street no longer exists. Women can get jobs and earn wages almost equal to that of men. They can own property now unlike before which means they can own or rent a home without a husband. Women no longer need to remain married to men for the sake of economy which is why when a marriage falls apart or there are struggles people can opt for a divorce.

Overall there has been a poignant rise in divorce rates. The ease of divorce and the near lack of fees associated with divorce has made it quite easy to file and be relinquished of any marital ties no matter the state in which you live. The rise of divorces in society has been partly due to economics and there no longer being a need to remain married and partly due to secularization of society.


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