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Digital World is Never Secure

The world of digital is high tech and constantly changing. It has brought us unique concepts many people feel they cannot live without in modern society. But unfortunately more people are learning about how their personal information is becoming more public than they would like. There are various systems created that include complex security features you think are keeping personal data safe and secure. Yet, there are hackers and system crashes that hint that digital concepts may not be as secure as originally thought.

Digital concepts such as pictures, videos, mobile apps and written content can be saved and protected. There are card readers and special storage devices that provide a safe keeping for related content. Many people may not think about security of their content until something happens. A prime example is a music artist. They may have created a song they only intend to share with a few people. But, someway the content gets leaked to other media outlets. You would think someone intentionally shared the information but if the content is supposed to be secure, how did it spread so quickly?

Digital content is often never secure for a few reasons. You are able to share the content at any time depending on the platform you use to display it. There are ways you can keep your content private or make it public. Yet, with content you save on a personal device such as your computer or laptop, it is possible to be able to retrieve it later long after you decide to delete it. When you post or share content on a public platform the information can remain there for years. When someone is able to hack or tap into the system they can access the content and do what they please with it.

Are there ways to make the digital world more secure? Probably, but as we do there seems to be flaws in the system that get overlooked. In most cases when people decide to create and share digital content they are at risk of their content being unsecured. A platform such as a website or social media site can claim your data is secured but for how long? People need to take time to consider the content they create and share. With anything that is created there is no guarantee your content is really secure; you just have be careful if you don’t want your content getting into the wrong hands.


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