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A Simple Formula For An Outstanding Essay About Success

Success is not a palpable word but it does leave visible happiness n the achiever’s façade. It is also a multi-layered expression. Success has different definitions for different people. You have to carve your essay keeping that in mind.

  • For instance; if a roadside eatery owner resolves to own a 3-star hotel some day and actually manages that; it would rank as a huge success story. If a person who has barely had any substantial education becomes an inveterate creative part of a multinational organization; there is success written all over it.

  • However, if the same is achieved by fellows who have the resources and the education for it; the case would be less of success and more of merit. You need to thus differentiate between success and merit. Success is often achieving what is not generally within your ambit.

  • Success also has to be compared to another abstract entity; happiness. There are a few successful people who are not happy and content. In the same vein, there are a few contented people who are not successful in the actual sense. Question is – Would you rather remain happy or successful?

  • You need to define success with its parameters. True success always has succeeding layers and an open end, allowing people to pile on more successes. It is like a chain of events; an unending story.

  • You need to pick up instances and define the estimated amount of success achieved in each instance. You need to put the ratio of luck, determination and opportunity that crafted the success story.

  • Now, if a person won a handsome lottery; would it be counted as a success! The answer is no since there is only the luck element involved. Energy, dedication and strategy also have to play a resounding part to authenticate a success story.

  • Success gains a new lease of life when it comes with good wishes. There are lots of success stories that engender more venom than heartfelt greetings. The touch has to be personal, even if it changes humus into gold.

  • Also, true success is one that influences and affects others to carve their own successful paths. It cannot stand on neutral grounds. It gains a new glow if it is achieved after due labor and privation.

Keep these points in mind and you should be able to write a wonderful essay on success. The order of the day is to go from strength to strength.