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Ideas of Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for College

Choosing an interesting topic for an argumentative essay will help you score some extra points that will definitely improve your overall grade. If you cannot think of anything truly eye-catching when you get an assignment, you should look for inspiration from various outlets.

Study the news:

You need to know what topics of discussion are the most popular today. Appealing to the public’s interests will help you motivate people to read your essay. The best thing about this tactic is that the news is always presented from a particular angle. This makes arguing these statements in your paper much easier. It will also help you to pick a specific position that you will support in your work. You may alienate the readers if your arguments clash with the public opinion. Therefore, if you want to write a daring essay like this, you will need to have ironclad evidence to support your points, and present them in a manner that will encourage people to think critically instead of offending them.

  • Follow popular threads on social networks:
  • All different types of people today spend a great deal of time on the internet, and this results in lots of debate. Following popular public pages and blogs will give you a good idea of the most controversial topics. Sometimes, studying open debates online will even provide you with references to sources you can use in an essay when developing your own argument.

  • Read a lot:
  • Reading always provides you with ideas. Various pieces of fiction often address topics that have been argued about for centuries. Using these ideas may seem weak because they have already been explored thoroughly. However, if you can come up with an interesting and original variation on the argument, you will definitely draw attention when addressing these “timeless” questions.

  • Socialize:
  • Visiting public gatherings and talking to people about all sorts of things will definitely give you some interesting ideas for argumentative essays. This method of choosing a topic will also help you see the public’s potential reaction to your paper. If you can get people interested and convince them of your arguments in conversation, the essay will also be a success.

    Here are a few original ideas of argumentative essay topics you can use:

    • Can curfews keep teenagers out of trouble?
    • Should using animals as test subjects for cosmetic products be prohibited?
    • Do the hazards associated with cellphones outweigh the benefits of their uses?
    • Are violent video games responsible for teenagers’ anger management issues?
    • Does making condoms easily accessible promote irresponsible sexual conducts?
    • Does homework actually help studying?