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Avoiding Pitfalls While Working On Your Academic Paper

Writing is an art; you need to be very careful about the small details and overall theme of your paper. If the basic color tone in a painting does not match, you will never be able to create a masterpiece. If the symbolism is not used properly in your composition and does not convey a clear meaning to the listener than you did not succeed as an artist. Similar is the case with writing. You need to be very careful about the small details that make huge impact

  1. Have some substance in your paper
  2. Most of the times, students write a paper without much insight to it. The paper is simply vague. You cannot do with a vague paper when you are writing an academic assignment. Your paper should be precise and accurate. Do not just leave the reader thinking what you mean by a certain statement. Do not assume that the readers will get the same meaning out of a sentence that is in your mind. It is not a good idea to include half-baked ideas in your paper that do not point out to a certain thought or a direction. Read your paper aloud and see if every sentence is complete and unique in its individuality. Do not settle for open-ended sentences in an academic paper

  3. Do not overdo your paper
  4. The last thing you would want to do to your paper is make it all flowery and fancy. Remember you are not writing a fiction story or a creative artwork. This is going to be a formal paper you will submit to your professor. Make sure it is formal enough to fall in the category of an academic paper

  5. Use of jargons and abbreviations
  6. It is not a very smart move to include jargons and abbreviations in your paper. Even if it is necessary to include a foreign term, you should give prior introduction. Do not consider your readers will understand something because it seems obvious to you. The obviousness of something depends upon the knowledge of the reader. If your reader has never heard of the term how will they know, what it means

  7. Drafting and editing
  8. This is off course obvious tip you will find in pitfalls for academic papers. You already expected this to be here. However, you need to figure out if you actually pay attention to the proofing and editing


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