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How to write the best essay: essential tricks

There are not any tricks to writing a quality essay, but if you know how to do it well enough you can let yourself feel like you're cheating.

Here is basically all it comes down to:

Choose your topic

  • This might seem obvious, but there is one essential caveat. Do not allow yourself to push out working on the assignment because you have lulled yourself into thinking the research will be simple because you already know about the topic. WRONG!
  • Never overestimate yourself or underestimate the amount of information proper research can produce. The last thing you need is a shrinking deadline combined with being overwhelmed by how much time the research is taking out of your day and the amount of space it is taking up on your desk.

Make sure you have a clear idea of what the essay assignment is asking for.

Find your focus

  • Be sure to adhere to the guidelines of the assignment. Nothing is worse than writing a good piece but failing the assignment because you don’t know-or care-to follow directions.
  • Be clear on the formatting and style appropriate for the type of essay you are tasked with writing. Will you be incorporating APA or MLA? It is important to be aware of this even before you start your research, as this will affect how you research and cite sources.

You won’t know where to start or where to end if you don’t have a plan, so get your directions down on paper.

Everything in its right place

  • Put together an outline for organization’s sake!
  • This will help structure your argument and put the proper information in the correct time and place.
  • Help yourself make sense of it all by structuring your intro, body and conclusion into a visual reference showing where and what the blanks are which need to be filled in.

If you are writing what is to be considered the “best” essay, then you know the advantage you can give yourself is time. Just like any form of writing, letting a piece sit for a while to get outside of the time and space you were in during the process of writing that piece is very important. Setting a finished work aside and revisiting it a day later gives you a set of fresh eyes and a different perspective to help you see possible errors or weaknesses in the piece that can be strengthened and corrected.