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Academic tutorials: how to write a paper that stands out

Writing any kind of paper can be difficult. Sometimes you are given a topic to work on and other times it is up to you to choose a topic. When the topic is given to you it can be harder to make it stand out from the rest. A lot of times when a teacher gives the whole class an assignment on the same subject he or she then has to read twenty something papers all more or less the same. It isn’t fun and it can really be a drag for them. You could be the one that shines through though if you try you best and follow some tips.

When writing on an assigned topic:

  • Use the most interesting angle
  • Try to find uncommon information
  • Really go out of your way to write well

Use an interesting angle

Whatever the topic is, there is usually more than one angle on the subject matter. Usually the topics assigned are broad, such as being asked to write a paper on a certain person or event. You can find a new or unusual take on the subject and write about that. Most people just go with the easiest and quickest angle on the subject. For example, if the topic is a president writers use the most common information and write just as many words as they have to in order to get it over with. Don’t do this. Go out of your way to find the hidden treasure buried under the usual and boring information. Write about an interesting period in their life. Maybe instead of writing about their presidency you could write about what got them into politics. This will stand out from the 20 other papers all about what he did as president.

Try to find uncommon information

It might take more time and research but look for things on the topic that aren’t as prevalent or readily available. If you find something that most people don’t know then you have changed the topic from run of the mill to one of a kind. This might be exactly what your teacher is hoping for and it will definitely make the reading less tedious.

Go out of your way to write well

Most papers are poorly written because students are so anxious to be done with them. Don’t just think of this as some homework assignment. Make it into something that you can be proud of. Take your time writing. Make sure that your grammar is correct and, whenever possible, write the long version instead of the short one. While you could write, “George Washington was the first president”, you could also write, “George Washington was the first president of the United States and a real and true leader for our country.” It is all about taking your time.

All of these tips are good for papers that have an open topic as well. Pick something you are interested in as that will be easier to write about. Most of all, when writing any paper for any reason and on any topic, make your first priority to do well and to rightfully represent the topic with all that you have. If your objective is to get it over with, that is how it will read. If your goal is to write about a topic well and thoroughly that will be a much better paper.