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What Is The Usual Purpose Of A Problem-And-Solution Essay: Helpful Advice

A problem solution essay is the type of assignment that requires addressing a problem and finding a solution for yourself and your readers. You should be able to find a genuine issue and give a viable solution so that the audience can trust your paper and move forward with continuing reading your work. The name clearly suggests that such papers require you to find a problem under any niche and then give a solution for it.

To make it more clear, let us discuss the entire essay gradually to give you a fair idea of how it works.

The first thing in your paper is the topic. The topic should point to a problem in a manner that can engage your audience. You need to understand your target audience first and write a topic from their perspective. The readers do not want to see what you like to talk about but they want to see what is in it for them. You should choose a topic after careful brainstorming and eliciting so that you can pick the perfect title for your paper.

The other thing after the topic is the opening of your paper. The first few sentences are critical as they would explain the background of the problem to your audience and convince them that are important to address it. Professional writers have different methods of hooking the audience in their introduction like anecdotes, quotations, facts, or assertions. You need to pick that hook which you can easily carry with your paper and that will definitely engage your reader.

The introduction of your problem solution essay does not only hook the audience but its other purpose is to describe the scope of work to the audience. For this, you would need to include a thesis statement that will provide the extract of your entire work. The thesis statement in your paper must be able to identify the problem as well as point to the solution you will adopt in solving this problem. Think critically while creating the thesis statement.

The body of your problem solution essay will be the next thing after introduction. This deals with the major arguments in your paper and takes strong evidence to prove each argument. The number of paragraphs depends upon the major arguments in your paper.

The conclusion is the last part in your paper where you summarize your work for the readers.


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