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Crafting An Introduction Paragraph For An Argumentative Essay

One of the most interesting academic engagements that anyone can take part in is intellectual arguments. The whole thing becomes even more interesting when this argument is put on paper in the form of writing. But exactly how does one go about crafting an introduction paragraph for an argumentative essay? This will be discussed in the following sections of this piece.

  • Get a good grip of the argument: Just as the name of the essay depicts, it is a type that involves a lot of to and fro. If one starts writing on this issue without having the adequate bank or reserve of knowledge, you will end up losing the debate or worse still, making a big mess of yourself. Based on this, it is very important that you have a most comprehensive and detailed understanding of the subject matter. Know as much of it as possible before you even decide to proceed on the issue. One very good way to do this is to carry out your research on the matter. This can be done primarily by reading, watching debates related to the matter and even conducting interviews or oral surveys.

  • Write in a calm environment: Writing is a total mental activity. Find a very serene place when it is time to write and commence your writing there. The reason why this is so important is that in a tranquil place, you can consolidate all your thoughts and articulate them properly. This is a cardinal aspect of writing and without it, the process is inherently flawed.

  • Act it out: Since it is a piece that is to be written, one way by which you can come up with even more ideas is for you to act it out in a drama. You can get a friend or colleague to do this dramatic dialogue. As the two of you exchange words and ideas, the picture becomes clearer, and the fog is cleared.

  • Revise, revise, and revise: Once you are done with the writing, the next step that should be taken is that of editing. Take time to revise.

If a student meticulously and dutifully follows all the steps and guidelines that have been stated above, there is a very great chance of landing a very respectable piece of writing. This piece is more of a procedural guide to assist learners through the rigorous art of writing an introduction paragraph for an argumentative essay.


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