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Where To Get A Decent 4th Grade Five-Paragraph Essay Sample

If you can’t get a sample of a five-paragraph essay from the tutor then one of the best places to look is online.

Use and academic search engine to search for online sites that specialize in 4th grade five paragraph essays, you will find that there are several sites that may be of use.

Tip: make a note of the key words and the order ion which you have used them as this will come in useful if you need to go back to look at the list of sites. (You can use your back browser but you may find that you have extended you search beyond your initial search).

  • Check that the sites that you use are genuine. Look for recommendations from other users and check that the site is using samples for the appropriate grade not dumbed down from a writer of a higher grade. Are you able to contact a tutor for additional help and support?

  • Some of the examples may be free but other may require a payment. If the website is saying it is free, then they will not be asking for your card or bank details. However they may ask you to sign up to get updates this discourages companies from using the websites and passing the work off as their own.

Tip: what to look for.

  • Make sure that the work has a title.

  • Look at the introduction. Does it start with a sentence that illustrates the main idea behind the paper? There should then be three sentences. Each sentence should illustrate the subtopic that is contained in each paragraph. There should then be a concluding sentence that really just repeats that topic of the work.

  • 2nd Paragraph should start with its topic sentence, followed by 3 sentences that give proof and evidence for the topic sentence. The concluding sentence should summarize what the topic of the paragraph and then lead into the 3rd paragraph.

  • 3rd and 4th paragraphs should be structured in the same way as the 2nd paragraph.

  • 5th paragraph should start with the main idea of that paper and then draw the reader’s attention to the 3 paragraphs in the main part of the work. The last sentence should repeat the main idea or topic.

If all of the ideas follow this format the writing can appear even more polished if the work combines sentences, varies the structure and the writer has used a word that are more appropriate and more powerful which can be achieved by good use of an extended yet appropriate vocabulary.


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