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How to come up with a good topic for a persuasive essay

In a persuasive essay, the topic is everything. The topic is what you argue. It is what point you make, what you want the reader to follow and agree with by the end of your paper. The purpose of your paper is to persuade the reader by presenting all facts and sides in an argument and showing that yours is the better sides.

In picking a good topic, you should always do preliminary research. You should create a handful of topics that are of interest to you, and then conduct a basic internet search to make sure there is enough information out there that is academic in nature to support it. You might find that there is not enough information for you to create a sound argument, or, worse yet, that there is enough information but it all points in the other direction.

By having a few topics in mind you can conduct a generic search for all of them and find the one that is best supported.

Within the spectrum of criminal justice there are many research paper topics available, all of which are viable topics. If you are struggling to come up with a research paper topic on your own, you might peruse the list below and see if anything is inspirational:

  • Is criminal justice better than restorative justice?
  • Should white collar crimes endure harsher punishments?
  • Is the current legal system racially biased?
  • Can changes be made to improve the speed at which our criminal justice system operates without sacrificing due process?
  • Should a juvenile be subject to a life sentence without parole?

You could also write a persuasive essay on current events, politics, or news. Look over the topics below:

  • Do copyright laws need to be changed in order to address new technologies?
  • In a capitalist society can net neutrality really exist?
  • Should the Electoral College be eliminated?
  • Are celebrity activists hurtful to the cause they support?
  • Are parent companies for newspapers influencing the information that is given to the public?

There are also great topics in the field of environmental science such as:

  • How has urbanization changed the natural areas of the world?
  • Is daylight savings still necessary?
  • Can the environment exist with agricultural biotechnology?
  • Should customers be charged for every plastic bag they use in an effort to reduce waste?
  • Is animal extinction bad?

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