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How to write an essay about yourself: common guidelines

You may think it will be easy to write about yourself, but this can be more complicated than it seems. In some cases you need to be careful on how you present your thoughts and ideas. You want your essay to be interesting and engaging, while making a positive impression on your reading audience. The good news is there are guidelines easy to remember that can help make the essay writing processes easier.

  • Avoid bragging. It is one thing to be proud of your accomplishments, but you don’t want to rub it in the school’s face. When sharing achievements it should be in a manner that shows your abilities and intentions. They should be related to your career goals and let the school know you are willing to continue working hard to meet your goals.
  • Try to limit how much information you share about yourself. In other words, you want to avoid having a TMI (too much information) moment. Think about information you want to share and assess it carefully before including it. You want to avoid giving the wrong impression that can lead to rejection.
  • Stick to essay guidelines. You do not want to overstep boundaries set for the essay. Sticking to the guidelines shows you can follow directions; something the approval committee will take note on. Plus, this helps the committee review your content fairly.
  • Stay on topic. Stay on point with your content and make sure details are relevant to your main idea. It helps to have a few supporting points related to your main idea to help you stay on the subject matter.
  • Choose a topic you can be comfortable writing about. This can make the writing process easier for you. Think about something that can highlight positive characteristics you have to offer.
  • Be honest. This shows you are confident in your abilities to succeed and the school learns about the true you.
  • Rewrite and revise your essay before finalizing content. You will do this just before proofreading and editing. Your content should be clear, concise, and easy to read. The school should learn about who you are and your goals in well-written manner.
  • Take time to read over sentences and paragraphs and think about how your content is displayed. Put yourself in the position of the approval committee. After reading over your content you should ask yourself would this be worthy of granting application approval?