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How to write an essay about a book: 5 vital tips

Writing an essay about a book is one of the tasks that you may find yourself wondering how to accomplish. It is much like a book report except an essay would focus more on what message the book was trying to portray. A book report may concentrate more on the actual events and people where an essay concentrates more on the concepts. They are pretty much the same thing, so don’t get caught up in the lingo.

There are some vital tips that you should follow in order to successfully write an essay about a book. Think about these tips as you prepare your essay.

  1. Read the book: So now you are thinking in your head that reading the rest of the tips is a waste of time. The fact is that it is only pointed out because there are many students who try to write a paper without even reading the book. Skimming through it is not going to work and reading a blog about it or synopsis of the chapters won’t work either. You may be able to get by with it but you will not write an excellent paper without really reading the book.
  2. Recap as you go: As you are reading the book, try to recap what has happened so far. Think of how the chapter you just read links to other chapters in the book. Relate important factors to past events. This will help you find patterns and concepts that the book is trying to get you to understand.
  3. Take notes: It is helpful to take a few notes as you are reading. You should at least jot down all of the characters as they pop up along with a brief description of who they are. You can jot down little synopsis’s of each chapter which may be useful later when you are trying to recall the exact description that you want to use in your paper.
  4. Reread certain chapters or portions: You should be able to tell when you have reached the climax of the story. This is the main reason for the reader developing all of the characters and is the main portion that you may want to reread.
  5. Know the plot set up: The plot of every book should follow the same progress. The book will start out with an introduction that introduces a main character and sets the scene. The development stage comes next and that is where the characters are developed further and where the story is built upon. The third stage is the climax. This is the main reason why the story is being held. It is the main action of the story. The conclusion is the last portion and it is where the story is wrapped up.

These five vital tips will help you write your book essay. Be sure to follow these tips so that you can be successful.