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One way of finding good essay topics for college is to be aware of current affairs and world events. Read a newspaper online like the New York Times. You don’t have to read all the articles but select the Opinion editorials and editorials.

  • Read the articles by Pulitzer prize winning journalist Thomas L.Friedman.
  • Learn how to argue a case.
  • Form your own opinions on world affairs based on fact.
  • Read other articles by well known journalists.
  • Develop an interest in current affairs and in depth analysis.
  • Discuss issues with your professor and older acquaintances.
  • Learn to assess different points of view.
  • Learn how to use facts to support an argument.

The easiest way to find essay topics may be to consult websites which suggest topics but it’s not necessarily the right way. It’s ok to use a website to suggest topics to get your mind working on the subject, but:

  • It’s not good to use a website to write topics for you and claim it as your own work.
  • What your professor wants is your work and original thoughts.
  • It is wrong to use a writers service to produce your essay because it’s not your work.
  • There is a whole industry of websites and people ready to suggest topics and write  papers for you.
  • Just because you’ve paid for it does not make it right.
  • Learn how to be original in the way you think and write and select topics.

Develop the ability to question propositions and statements.

  • Don’t accept a statement automatically without questioning it.
  • Seek alternative points of view and propositions.
  • Your academic career will only progress if you seek to be original.

So you can seek out lists of topics online and think about them but the easiest way of doing things is not necessarily the best bearing in mind that what your professor wants is for you to think for yourself and develop your ability to present an argument or topic clearly and concisely . More than that he is looking for your insights which are developed by presenting sources and facts to establish your case. When considering a topic you must also consider the amount of supporting evidence and facts and the potential for developing the argument.


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