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How To Come Up With The Best Persuasive Essay Topics Ever: Basic Tips

To come up with a really great persuasive essay topic, you need to fully understand what it’s all about. A persuasive essay is somewhat like an argument one, but in it you don’t attack another point of view too harshly. When you write a persuasion essay, you are into convincing your readers about your point of view and, probably, reasons why you think so.

So, if you need to invent several brilliant persuasion essay topics, you should start with thinking about things that make you excited. You need to choose an idea or an opinion that makes you want to speak about it. Make sure that you have enough arguments to ground your point of view. Besides that, it will be great if you start thinking as your opponent may do, in order to choose the strongest arguments.

You are free to choose any subject that you consider being interesting for readers. You need to be sure that you have fresh arguments that will prove believability of your opinion, because banal ones will make readers think that you have invested no creativity in your work. As well, you may choose topics that are acute in the society at the moment: smoking in public places, selling of alcohol to teens, the influence television and Internet has on the society and young people in particular, etc.

Now, let’s compose several winning topics for your project.

  1. Spending holidays away from home is better for having a good rest.
  2. Unexpectedly received (won, inherited) and unearned money can spoil a personality.
  3. People should pass psychological readiness tests before becoming parents.
  4. Teens should be educated regarding teenage pregnancy and pass parenting training.
  5. Women should have more places in governmental structures.
  6. People should be educated that pets are no toys before they have any.
  7. Today’s beauty standards are dangerous for young women’s health and lives.
  8. Advertisements force us to overconsuming that we don’t need.
  9. Kids and teens should be educated on Internet security before they start using it.
  10. All people should be educated about proper utilization of their litter.
  11. Recycling litter is a useful idea for saving our planet.
  12. People need more information on cut trees when they demand an ATM receipt.
  13. Firearms possession should be controlled with more carefulness.
  14. It’s necessary to explain people the danger of talking on the phone while driving.
  15. School bullies should be punished up to expelling from schools.

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