Autism Education Project

Try to compose an impressive topic for your persuasive essay

In this blog you will learn an easy to remember method of using existing article titles to create your own persuasive essay topic. The trick is to use your own imagination and creativity, but this will act as a guide on how to do that effectively.

Combining ideas

The concept to be presented below is one of combining ideas from topic ideas that you’ve found on the internet, magazines, or books. You’ll soon learn how easy it is to get ideas from simple words or concepts hidden inside blog, article, and essay topics.

An example of combining ideas for topic composition

Let’s take the subject of marketing as an example and use this to illustrate how topics can be merged. Take this topic: “A 4-step guide to repurposing your company’s content”, and let’s see if we can combine it with this one, “The top 9 SEO website design tactics to increase visibility”. Now, can you see how an original topic can be extracted from these?

The two topics mentioned above are from a well known blog site. Article and blog sites that archive website content are the perfect way to gain ideas for your academic topic. All you need to do is find the right area of discussion and the rest is easy.

Thought of a good merged title yet? How about taking the two main subjects and putting them together like this? “7 ways to make your content and website design work together for SEO”. It’s as easy as that!

Let’s try some more:

5 existing topics to be extracted from in the subject of geography

  • “Evaluating ecosystems from space”
  • “How to respond faster to water network incidents”
  • “Recapping 25 years of tourism in Namibia”
  • “4 ways to use Google Maps as a surveyor”
  • “New technologies that will help you identify fuel leaks”

Some combinations

  • (1+4) – “Satellite technology in surveyor techniques”
  • (2+5) – “Modern techniques on how to detect and prevent water pipe bursts”
  • (3+4) – “Taking a Google Maps tour of Namibia”

These are some examples of what you can do. You get the idea, don’t you?

See, it’s a lot easier than you thought! Give this method a try no matter what the subject is and you’ll find that coming up with original topics is a piece of cake. (Just remember to make sure it’s something you can write about)