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Where To Look For Free College-Level Illustration Essay Examples

An illustration essay is a paper that explains a topic in such detail that the reader will feel like an expert on the topic when the paper is complete. It will incorporate solid evidence to prove your point. It can be a rather difficult essay if you are not sure what you are doing. The best way to make sure that you do it right and not flunk it is to get a good example. A good example will help show you exactly what is expected from you. You can use it as an instruction manual. It is a very effective way to start writing your college-level illustration essay. There are several places that you can look to get an example.

Internet Images

One great place to look for a sample essay is in the image search in your internet browser. You can search for an essay and find many samples that are free. Some of them even include notes that can help you learn the various sections of the essay. They can point out where the thesis statement is and when to use a topic sentence or a transition.

Writing Websites

Another great place to look for a sample is a writing service website. They usually include sample essays in their website to attract customers. They will be able to pull possible clients when they search for the specific example ideas they have on their site and the keywords “essay example”. It is a great way to get an example because the essays are written by professionals.


Many freelancers will provide you with a copy of their work because they too want to earn your business. This is a little more involved since you will have to post a job in order to get the sample. However, you can get an example that is on the exact subject that you are writing about. That way you will have a paper that lists some ideas as well as showing you how to write an illustration essay.

As you can see, there are places that you can find a sample essay to use to help you understand exactly what is expected of you. The best way to make sure that your sample is valid is to check it with your teacher. There are probably a few bad essays out there that you wouldn’t want to use as your sample.