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Coming Up With Catchy Persuasive Essay Topics Year 9

For students in year nine, there will often be a requirement to write a persuasive essay. The first thing to be aware of is that a persuasive paper is basically the same thing as an argumentative paper; in fact, they are identical, the only thing different about them is the name. Therefore, if you have ever written an argumentative paper, you will probably have a good understanding of what to do for the work.

One of the most difficult things about doing the work can often be to think of good topic to write about. Essentially, you will most likely want a catchy title, which will encourage the reader to continue looking at your work.

It may be that you want to use a controversial title, which will intrigue any potential readers or, alternatively, you may wish to think of unique or unusual titles that will help to convince the reader that the work will be particularly interesting.

Brainstorming persuasive essay topic ideas

In order to come up with a catchy title, it can be good idea to carry out various brainstorming techniques. As part of these techniques, you may wish to list down any possible ideas that you have had. Even if you do not end up using them, is a good idea to write them down, partly so that you don’t forget them, and partly as they can act as inspiration later on.

In fact, you may well find that an idea is not very good at the time, but you might change your mind later on. Alternatively, you may find that making some small adjustments to the title can improve it greatly, or it could even act as inspiration for something completely different.

To give you an idea of you could write about, there is a list of topics below.

  • Should the United States adopt a universal health care system?
  • Should Britain maintain its nuclear deterrent?
  • Should lotteries provide more balanced winning prizes rather than massive jackpots?
  • Should police officers be paid more for the work they do?
  • Should more be done to ensure veterans of the armed forces can adjust properly to civilian life after they retire from the services?
  • Should endangered species receive more protection from governments?
  • Should children be allowed to drink high calorie, sugar-laden fizzy drinks?
  • Should parents allow children to drink small amounts of alcohol whilst supervised at home, despite being underage?
  • Should oil drilling be allowed in areas of natural beauty?
  • Should fracking be permitted by governments?