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Main Qualities Of A Powerful Descriptive Essay For College

Essays have been of great importance from our childhood. It instils within us the capability to write good English articles. There are many formats of essays but the most important and the most common one we are asked to write about are the descriptive one. It is different from those of the other formats of essays like argumentative or persuasive or compare and contrast etc. The main point here is to have a good descriptive power without which the entire thing can get weaker.

College students have to face tougher topics so they have to concentrate more while writing. Their description should be of a matured level and for that they should have a broad sense of mentality. They have to read many books and articles to gather the knowledge to write a well-structured and competent descriptive essay else it would reflect in their grades.

Qualities of a descriptive essay:

  • The topic of the descriptive essay should be quite interesting and thought provocating. Without a superior classy topic it would be a waste to write upon. You should not choose a dull topic as readers won’t find it attractive neither should you choose a tough topic that you don’t find anything to describe at all. The topic should be chosen from your comfort zone.
  • The main quality is that you can write from first person point of view. It is your story which you want to paint. No criticizing will be done on the descriptions you are providing. It is your free will to write whatever your mind wants to imagine.
  • The imaginations can flow without knowing any bounds. You can imagine whatever you want to. Suppose you have been asked to describe a town of your own. You have to change your thought process in accordance with the topic and write something extraordinary so that the reader can literally visualize whatever you have been describing.
  • You feel much free while writing a descriptive article. Here you get to swim across your own thoughts and you might find out many unknown things about yourself. You just have to dig deep in to your utopian imaginations and you can come up with an overwhelming write up.

Some college level descriptive essays:

  • Describe the things that you want to change about this society and how to make it a better place.
  • What if you were born in Germany during the time of Hitler, would you have supported him and why?
  • Describe the recent visit to a corporate office for training and how your life will change when you decide to join there?

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