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How To Improve Your English Essay Writing Techniques

Every good student enjoys writing essays as it is a chance for them to shine. Essays are an intellectual exercise where the writer is supposed to craft a thoughtful argument on the complex topic within the confines of a prescribed rather than a restrictive word count. The problem with essay writing is that when you do it regularly, it is possible to get stuck in a rut whereby you repeat the same formula over and over again particularly if you got good feedback from the teacher who read the essay. So, if you want to take you essay writing to the next level, how do you do it? Here are some practical tips.

Read essays written by other people

You can offer to share your essay with your classmates and they should also return the favor. You can also start a study group. When you read a book, it subconsciously help to mould your writing skills. This means that by reading other people’s essay including those of your classmates, you develop your essay writing skills. You should ensure that you read a wide range of essay or a variety of subjects including those that you are not studying. This is important as different disciplines may use different kinds of styles and arguments. This means that the wider you read the more techniques that you will pick for using in your own essay.

As you read essays that are written by different people, avoid taking them at face value. Instead you should be critical. Consider what you think about them. What don’t you like about them? How persuasive do you find the essays to be? Do they have a balanced argument? Do they have points that adequately support the evidence? Has the writer used a technique that you have not seen before?

Build your vocabulary and use them well

With good choice of vocabulary, it is possible to express exactly what you mean in a clear and concise way. A good essay should have economy with words as many readers do not like to have their time wasted with rambling points that could have been expressed with a few words. To ensure that you communicate clearly and you remain to the point, ensure effective and accurate use of vocabularies. This is something that you should continue working on continuously as there are always new words that you can learn.

Words that help you to develop your arguments

If you want to sound intelligent when writing essays, you must avoid repeating yourself. When writing, focus on using language in an effective way. This will help to build your argument and offer a sense of structure. It is important to avoid using the same word every time. Vary the language of your essay and use words such as “However”, “moreover” or “furthermore”.


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