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The Real Purpose Of A Critical Analysis Essay: Things To Know

Writing a critical analysis essay requires effort hard work and on the students end. They need to create a strong paper by analyzing the given subject and performing a literature analysis. This helps in realizing the strengths and weaknesses of the subject and the potential gaps that you should address in the paper. The most important thing about a critical analysis essay is that it is supposed to be an analysis of other’s work (book, novel, and movie, research) to give a better understanding to your readers. You do not have to show your opinions but write what the work is actually about

A critical analysis essay includes two major things i.e. critical reading and critical writing. Reading is the first stage of your assignment and is a part of the pre-writing phase. You have to develop a clear understanding of the subject under concern and identify its theme to be able to address it in your assignment.

If you are to create a strong critical analysis essay on any subject, then you should keep the following things in your mind

  • Determine the structure of the paper and try to highlight the main ideas on which it is based upon

  • Use a dictionary or the web if there are less common terms that you are not familiar with

  • Use an outline to create a roadmap for the paper and the materials it contains

  • Create a brief summary to understand the meaning of the paper

  • Know the purpose of the paper and identify whether it is informative, argumentative or entertaining

  • Critically evaluate the methods through which the author has accomplished or failed to accomplish the purpose

  • Never use the words and phrases suggesting your opinion like I think, you need to talk about the paper and focus on it rather than yourself

  • Never forget to introduce the work and give a little background because your audience may not be aware of the context you are talking about

  • Write down the strengths and weaknesses of the work on a neat paper. Make sure they are clear and separated so that you can use them later in your assignment

  • When you develop a thesis statement for your essay, it is important that you have enough evidence to support your stance

  • Stay open to new ideas, well informed and evaluative while writing this paper