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How To Find Checked 7th Grade Expository Essay Examples

Students in middle school are just getting started learning about writing essays, so students in 7th grade can benefit from seeing sample essays. Students are often confused with the idea of an expository essay, simply because they do not know what the word “expository” actually means. When they see that it is a paper that explains a topic, they quickly gain a better understanding of what they need to do. Fortunately, there are plenty of place to look for checked writing assignments .

Standardized Test Websites

One of the best places to find an essay for a 7th grader is on standardized test websites. After tests have been scored, the test makers usually release essays so that teachers and students can see what the scorers considered to be good and bad papers. The papers are not usually marked with red ink to point out errors; instead, the test companies will make comments about the papers. The companies also release the prompts, too.

Writing Blogs Managed by Teachers

Another good place to look for samples is a writing blog. There are plenty of teachers from all grades that release samples of their students’ work so that other students can benefit from them. Teachers will usually only share copies of papers that they have already graded. If they did not grade the papers, they would not know if they were worth sharing or not. Some teacher blogs will be accompanied by student blogs, so there could be even more copies of papers available to use as samples.

Non-profit Educational Sites

Educational websites also share samples of checked papers for all grade levels. These websites are sponsored by nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to student success. They do a good job of managing the tools and resources that students can use. You should be able to find a sample of an expository paper that has been checked. Most of the websites also have tutorials explain how to write a high quality expository paper, too.

Writers-for-sale Sites

For-profit writing websites work as a last minute option. These sites cater to students who want to pay people to write for them. You should be able to find samples of expository projects, but they might not be checked by teachers. The papers might be labeled for 7th grade students, but they might have been written by adults posing as middle school students.


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