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4 Ways To Find A Plagiarism Checker For Essays Online Free Of Charge

One of the most important thing that students need to watch out for when they are writing papers for academic purposes or for any purpose is that they check to make sure that they haven’t plagiarized someone else’s work. It is a major problem because it can cause you to get sued or kicked out of school. Everyone has a right to their intellectual property. If they compile a written piece and someone uses the exact wording for their own purposes, it is called plagiarizing and it is not allowed.

When students are writing research papers and they are using the information from many sources, it can be hard to use the information without presenting it the same way as the original author. Especially when you don’t quite understand the conflict well enough to be able to manipulate the wording and still make sense. If you copy too closely to their wording, you are violating their rights.

There are programs that have been developed to determine the percentage of material that is written verbatim to someone else’s work. You wouldn’t have to have a zero percent duplication rating because you need to include direct quotes from published resources for most papers but in these cases you have to make sure that you give proper credit to the author. Most of these programs can point out exactly which sentences or sections are the same and you can make sure that they are cited. Here are four ways to find one for free.

  1. Writing services
  2. You can usually download one from a writing service company because they want you to know that the work that they do is totally plagiarism free. To get you to be able to check their papers, they offer you one of these programs.

  3. School site
  4. Your schools website will likely have one that you can use free of charge.

  5. Tutoring sites
  6. Some tutoring sites will include one of these programs to help validate their services much like the professional writing service company did.

  7. Web search
  8. You can find free checkers right on the internet. Stick “free plagiarism checker” into your search engine and see what pops up. You will find many of them and you can just choose the one that works best for you.

You can get this type of service because it will help ensure that you have not included duplicated information in your piece.


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