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First steps in academic writing: how do I write an essay

The basic academic writing tasks

Essay writing is one of the basic academic writing tasks. When a student starts his academic career, he will have to write essays and summaries as his initial academic writing assignments. In the later phases, these assignments can get complex and students write research papers and thesis in higher grades. Basic academic tasks tend to be simple and comprehensive so that students get used to such assignments.

Why students need to write essays

Essay writing is an interesting task, which teaches the students to use their creative skills, enhance their vocabulary, and test their writing skills. Teachers assign these tasks to students so that they can prepare for tasks that are more complex. Essays also help teachers to assess the writing and thinking ability of the students. It is a good way to keep students motivated for research and improve their knowledge about a certain subject.

How to write a good essay

Writing an academic essay may be an easy task, however, writing a good essay is not. Not all students are expert in writing essays and knowing the exact format of an essay. If you are to write an essay for your school to score a good grade, then you will have to keep a few things in mind.

Choose the area of concern

It is important that you choose a specific area from the vast subject. You can divide your subject into portions and sort out which one you are most comfortable with. Do not choose an area that you have no interest in.

Gather ideas for the topic

Once you have the area for your subject, the next step is to choose a good topic in that area. You will have to do some research for getting a unique topic. The first few ideas that come to your mind will already be used by other students. The best way is to brainstorm for fresh ideas.

Read expert written essays

A good writer necessarily has to be an excellent reader. When you look at high quality essays written by experts, you will see what you are lacking.

Research before you write

It is very important that you carry out research in the pre writing phase. This will save a lot of your time.

After that,

  • Create a structure or outline for your essay
  • Write the first draft
  • Edit the draft
  • Re-write your essay

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