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Formulating a Strong Essay Thesis Statement

Sometimes when you’re writing your thesis it’s easy to forget the little things. There’s so much you need to do, from researching tons of books and articles to writing up your bibliography. All this work, however, is just as important as the little stuff: namely, the thesis statement. Your thesis statement may be small, but it certainly is mighty. Not sure what it is or how to make it? Fear not, we’ve got you covered with these handy tips:

  •       One Sentence
  •       Make a Claim
  •       Be Strong
  •        Summarize the Way

     One Sentence

Your thesis statement should, usually, be one sentence. It can be a little more, but if you’re going on for a paragraph you’ve way over done it. Try to find a way to condense the entirety of your argument into one sentence: this is your thesis statement. This one sentence pretty much outlines everything that represents your thesis. This one sentence is your claim, your argument, and your thesis.

    Make a Claim

Your thesis statement shouldn’t be flimsy or wishy-washy. It should make an obvious and direct claim to something. Challenge previous assumptions. Create something new. Have an idea. An argument. A belief. If you have no claim then what have you? Nothing. And you can’t write an essay on nothing. You need to have some solid idea or argument to make, otherwise you’ll turn your readers off.

    Be Strong

Make sure your claim is in some way authoritative. Be bold with your ideas. Believe in yourself as you believe in your essay. There’s no point claiming something middle of the road. You want to be outrageous, be strong, and be courageous. Your thesis statement is your essay in one line, so if this line is rubbish then chances are your whole essay is rubbish. So make your claim a good one and hook readers in.

    Summarize the Way

Don’t make a bold statement and then follow it up with an entirely unrelated thesis. Your statement should highlight in one sentence what your reader can expect from the rest of your essay. It should point out the major argument that you then set out to make for the rest of your thesis. You must allow the reader to read your statement and think that he or she knows what to expect. Otherwise you’re only fooling yourself and tricking them and they’ll resent you for it. So get thinking now. What sentence best summarizes your thesis. Write it up. 


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